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Michael  D  Winans, PhD, MA TESOL

Specialist in Applied Linguistics
English Language Center

RPCV Albania 2015 - 2016

Tel: 916.343.8609

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I hold a PhD in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from Arizona State University and teach in the English Language Center at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I focus on Professionalization in L2 Teacher Education, and my main research interest involves understanding the evolution of language in an environment where inequities continue to develop in technological and multicultural societies. I use insights from this perspective for L2 teaching and learning for my area of expertise, computer-assisted language learning. I have taught courses in linguistics, applied linguistics, TESOL, and writing. Further, I am interested in the academic journeys of students and teachers being able to fulfill positions from a wide spectrum of career opportunities.

Recent Publications


Winans, M. D. (2021). Grammarly’s tone detector: Writing pragmatically appropriate emails. Special Issue on English medium instruction in transnational institutions. RELC Journal 52(2), 1-5.

Winans, M. D., Romero Pino, B., & Zhang, X. (2021). Pandemic conferencing: Implications for future virtual exchange. AAALGrads Newsletter Spring 2021. American Association for Applied Linguistics.


Winans, M. D. (2021). Practical solutions for building community online. On CALL: The TESOL IS Newsletter, March. Reprinted In: English Teachers’ Association of Israel Forum, 32(1).

Winans, M. D. (2020). Email requests: Politeness evaluations by instructors from diverse language backgrounds. Language Learning & Technology, 24(2), 104-118.

Winans, M. D. (2020). Language technology review: Busuu language learning application. CALICO Journal, 37(1), 117-126. Doi:


Winans, M. D. (2017). To have and to hold high expectations for student writing. In P. Quirke (Ed.) Voices from the TESOL classroom series: Insider accounts of classroom life. Adult education vol. (pp. 51-56), Arlington, VA: TESOL Press.

Winans, M. D. (2014). Becoming a cultural informant for multilingual students: How schema affects understanding and writing. The writing center tutoring book. California State University, Sacramento: Reading and Writing Center.

In Press

Winans, M. D. (in Press). Why do grammar rules exist, and when can we break those rules? Top Questions, Ask-a-Writer. Arizona State University.

Under Review

Winans, M. D. The obligations and characteristics of professional second language teachers: Revelations from membership categorization analysis. Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching.

Winans, M. D. The process of becoming: Professionalization during second language teacher education (SLTE). The Journal of Second Language Teacher Education.

Winans, M. D. Misinterpretations of CALL: A Toll of the Pandemic. System.

In Preparation/Revision

Winans, M. D. Language Modulation: The dynamic evolution of language in the age of globalization and the internet.

Winans, M. D. The myth of standard English and why it matters for equitable teaching.

Winans, M. D., & Shin-Winans, D. Using Grammarly for dynamic written corrective feedback (DWCF): Reducing L2 writer dependence and teacher workload.


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